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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. There are very few documents that are not able to be dealt with by way of scanning and very few documents that require originals in order for us to proceed with your work.

With AML/CFT legislation now in force, we do require face to face communication with our clients wherever possible. Obviously we are contactable by email and phone as well.

No, you are free to advise your instructions either by phone or written communication including e-mails, and, as mentioned above, the majority of documents are able to be dealt with by way of scanning.

Your first contact would be with a local real estate agent. In Katikati we have five real estate offices, all of whom can provide you with listings of property for sale in Katikati. Once you have chosen a property then we recommend you ask the agent to put an offer in writing. We would then suggest that before signing any such offer you ask the agent to e-mail or deliver the agreement to us for our perusal and we will let you know if we think any changes should be made to it. Once the offer is in satisfactory form it will be signed by you and then presented to the vendor for them to consider.

Once the agreement is signed by both the purchaser and the vendor the purchaser would move to have satisfied any conditions that the purchaser may have required to be put in the agreement. These can include conditions as to the obtaining of necessary finance, the obtaining of a satisfactory building report or other such things. Once those conditions are satisfied a deposit would thereafter be payable to the vendor. If finance is required for the purchase we would receive the finance documents from your banker and on completion of those documents have them executed by you. Once that is completed we would move to settlement of the transaction. From beginning to end the vast majority of property transactions in this area are completed within two months of the date at which the agreement is signed by both parties.

In many instances, we are able to provide fixed prices for you, depending on complexity. However, in most instances our work is not able to be precisely time defined, in which case we are limited to providing you with our best estimate.

We generally do not have an objection to that provided the payments are made on a regular monthly basis and over a reasonable period of time.

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